CAMPCONTAINER is specialized to supply different types of containers to their customers.

CAMPCONTAINERhas experiences as a subcontractor to the big construction companies and we started to be main contractor for the camp projects.

CAMPCONTAINER is fast, flexible and innovative company.

CAMPCONTAINER Inc. is an international logistics contractor specialized in serving military, humanitarian, government and commercial entities.

CAMPCONTAINER arranges the design, supply, logistics consolidation / coordination, shipping and on-site installation / erection of all building and base camp products.

CAMPCONTAINER's turnkey, customized base camp program combines these pre-engineered structures in a camp layout with all support equipment (genset, water / waste treatment utility connections, furniture / collateral equipment, perimeter fencings, etc) and site preparation / construction as required. CAMPCONTAINER will provide a package of equipment and services that will meet specific budget and deadline considerations.


 Container, Steel house and seel building production facilities